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Survey One:
Europe Hotspots

This survey was conducted during the spring of 2006 and asked readers to rate several top destinations. There were reaffirmations but some surprises as well.

FOOD: Italy was ranked by over half the travelers as having the best food, followed by Greece and France.

BEST SIGHTS/SCENERY: A bit of a surprise here; Italy again got the nod, with a few votes going to Great Britain, Greece, Spain, and Switzerland.

FRIENDLIEST: Ireland got the nod here from 43% of voters, with Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Great Britain also getting votes.

CLEANEST: Votes were rather evenly split among Germany, Switzerland and Great Britain (guess they didn't visit certain parts of London...), and Sweden was also noted.

BEST OVERALL: Italy got 57% of the votes here, but the Grecophiles struck with 29% of votes cast for Greece. Ireland also garnered attention.

City Ratings:

No shock here: Paris was rated the most-liked city. Other favorite cities included Athens, Edinburgh, Florence, Lisbon, London, Prague and Venice. Berlin, Brussels, and Munich got average ratings.

Cities that were less frequently visited by readers included Belgrade, Bucharest, Dubrovnik, Helsinki, Kravow, Sofia, St. Petersburg and Warsaw; except for Helsinki, all are in the east.

The least liked cities? Well, the readers were very polite, as not many cities got negative votes. Still, Belgrade was at the bottom. Madrid, Barcelona and Moscow each got a couple of lower ratings as well. Must be the beer...

Favorite airports were Athens, Copenhagen, Frankfurt and Reykjavik. London and Paris got the best subway ratings.

Thanks to everyone who voted!
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