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A short list of the 2-3 best sites in numerous international budget categories. Send us your corrections, suggestions for sites, and new categories.

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Resource Sites

General Resources
Articles, tips, blogs, updates, and lots of other real information.
Easy to find articles on all manner of budget and educational travel.
Well worth rummaging through; you should find what you need in a few clicks.

Commercial and graphics free, nuts and bolts information. Just the facts, m'am.
Youth-oriented, information and travel stories.
Specializing in Europe but has a good list of links.

International travel page of the International Bicycle Fund.
An American couple reporting on their round-the-world bike tour.
Discussion boards to post your burning and tepid questions.

Travel journals, photos, and forum.
Blog, blog, blog... is nothing left to chance these days?
Create your own travel blog.

Gay and Lesbian Travel
International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association.
Guidebooks and resources.
Articles, hotels, resorts...

Guidebook Publishers (there are many others)
Worldwide destinations, city guides, maps, etc.
Branching out beyond Europe; great for the young party-loving hordes. If you're an old fart, use it to know where to avoid.
International travel guides and resources, but many ads. New "around the world" edition available.
Primarily western hemisphere guides.
The South American Handbook is a classic (82nd Edition).

The World Health Organization travel and health publication has the scoop on health risks in a number of contexts.
Buy travel-related medical and health supplies. Also has country directory with relevant health needs and information.
International Society of Travel Medicine.

Lots of maps of the world, relatively clean site.
Worldwide driving directions.
Click on satellite, zoom out on the image, move the image with your cursor to center where you want, then zoom in again.

Interesting shots and descriptions.
Create your own photo blog.
Some general tips and suggestions for a variety of photo situations.

Over 200 articles about travel, mostly from a tourism perspective.
Statistics, ethics and other background. Gimpy server.
Tourist hotel and resort reviews, with a smidge of useful information. Beware the popup.

Senior Travel
Educational programs worldwide for those over 55 (North American based).
Tips, preparation, luggage, etc.
Written for Yanks but lots of generally applicable information.

Shopping (gear, accessories and other crap, if you must indulge...)
Thousands of items, some of which you might actually use.
If you don't have a travel pet umbrella, you just shouldn't go.
Lightweight travel stuff, mostly tourist stuff.

Single Travel
A membership group that has a newsletter and other information for singles.
Help in finding a travel partner.
A great commercial-free though text-heavy site with information about planning an independent trip.

Special Needs Travel
Mobility International. A key resource.
Wheelchair-enabled travel.
Contributions from mobility-limited travelers.

Student Travel
Special deals, packages, etc.
Study abroad and international exchange.
International Student Travel Confederation.

Travel Directories
A directory of travel-related sites in over 20 categories. Clean format, lot of information.
Claims to have over a million resources listed. We did not verify this personally.

Travel with Children
General information and tips.
For parents planning an international adoption.
Tips for flying with babies and childrens.

Travel with Pets
Database of pet-friendly hotels and services around the world.
Another listing of pet-friendly hotels and accommodations, with other general resource information.
General information with a section on pet travel, including quarantine regulations.

Volunteering/Working Abroad (s/a Europe guide resources)
Tips for Australians, but with some general relevance as well.
Things to think about before flying abroad to take a new job.
A program for Canadians.





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